If you wouldn’t be welcomed back, why are you staying anyway?

How many things do we do on a daily basis that we hate doing?

I personally hate washing dishes & talking on the phone. (I’sn’t that what dishwashers & email are for?)

For my husband, unfortunately, it’s working each day @ a well-paying job he’s supposed to be “thankful” for during a recession, even though he finds absolutely no joy in his profession. He’s even described a sinking feeling that returns each day when he steps onto the elevator & anticipates the day ahead of him.

Knowing this, a  post I read today by Alexis Martin Neely really struck a chord inside of me. Although I pride myself on being organized & adept @ purging, I too hold onto people & things & opportunities after they are no longer of use or interesting & sometimes even after they’ve proven totally useless whatsoever. Deep down, I know it’s because I’m afraid that I’ll clean out all of the quantity…the closet full of shoes, the Blackberry filled with numbers i’ll never call…& look around me & feel utterly empty & alone.

Now, let’s be realistic, never doing the dishes, becoming a hermit & my husband spontaneously quitting his job would all be bad ideas. We all have to do things we don’t want to do, because we realize their value. However, we’re not required to forever devote our time & energy to activities & people that are draining to the spirit & uncompromising. We are entitled to be happy, I believe it’s our right & purpose as humans.

Remember the Christina Aguilera song, “What a Girl Wants?”…okay, maybe you don’t want to, maybe I shouldn’t be admitting that I do…”they say if you love something let it go, if it comes back it’s yours & that’s how you know, it’s for keeps yeah it’s for sure & you’re ready & willing to give me more…” (I’m a 90s bubblegum pop baby, sue me) The point is, in quality relationships, whether business or personal, we can always come back, even if it’s only to say hi or ask for advice. As a great contributor & valued member of the relationship, you’d rightly be welcomed back (think of how pleased grandma’s voice sounds after you call her out of the blue to check in). If not, as Alexis Martin Neely puts it, “If you wouldn’t be welcomed back, why are you staying anyway?”

Here’s to letting go, realizing our self-worth & not accepting anything less than what we deserve…


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  1. It’s like I was meant to read this post today. I’m bookmarking this.

    thank you

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