Crawl first…



Here’s Deuce playing peek-a-boo, the go-to game for hours of fun with babies (at least my baby). By the way, if you’re aware of the foot in the background, please excuse it, but how did you peel away from that smiling face in the forefront? Now THAT’s discipline.

Anyway, the stand & squat variation of the game seems to be my son’s favorite. He loves surprising me (I think I should get a head start on looking for a family therapist). So he’d pop out from behind the couch & crawl over to me with the most amazing speed & excitement. Yup, for ELEVEN months, the drill was: stand. squat. crawl. My little boy showed absolutely no interest in walking. Instead, he caused many a jaw to drop as he crawled a 40-yard dash for a toy or snack.

Until yesterday, when he WALKED to me. After 16 months of being carried & 11 months of crawling, he’s ready to explore the big world on his own. I have no idea where he got that cautious nature from, the hubby & I are more, “do now, apologize later” types. Yet, I appreciate him all the more for it.

You see, mama has her hands in quite a few cookie jars right now. I’m convinced that if Wonder woman ever took a nap, it was likely to write lists in her head (at least that’s what I use nap time for). Still, watching my son toddle around in a pseudo soccer game with his pacifier is a great reminder that the greatest achievements take time. We all have to start somewhere & it’s likely on our hands & knees, crawling. Once we’re sure of our footing, we can stretch our legs  & stand tall.

Every sequoia started as a seed.

Every business starts as one burning idea.

Every network starts with one good contact.

Every marriage starts with one great date.

Every baby starts…(no need to elaborate there, you get the picture).

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

Crawl first.  I can’t wait to cheer & clap when you stand & walk.


4 Responses

  1. he adorable!! and i love his name. 🙂

  2. Adorable child! I have a brand new 6 week old Grandson – I’m watching him & the 3 other grands so daughter & hubby can go out tonight.

    Love kids.

    Nice blog!

  3. Your writing voice is very personable. The post was over before I was ready to stop reading…

  4. Oh and that cheering at every new step is so much fun. Beautiful, beautiful baby.

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